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2 Ton Toyota pickup?

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  • 2 Ton Toyota pickup?

    Maybe a stupid question, but I figure someone on here should know about this. Last night I was driving home behind a Toyota pickup that appeared to be a 2WD, late 70's to early 80's vintage. On the gate it said "2 Ton" at the lower right corner. This wasn't a dually or a super high capacity looking truck in any way that I could see. I would have followed the guy to check it out better but had to get home.

    Anyway, was there ever such a thing produced? Or did some guy just take the 2WD 1 Ton labeled truck (I have seen those) and paint a 2 on it? Are there even any 2 ton production trucks, Toyota or not, out there?

    Just wondering,


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    Never heard of a 2 Ton Toyota pickup before. ?? In the late 70's to early 80's is when Toyota started producing a heavier model pickup with dual wheels. But the dual wheels were welded and weren't a good design for the campers they usually had on the frame. I would have liked to see the truck when you did. I believe you and would guess a 2 was just painted on the back. To also add, a 2 ton truck would always usually have dual wheels in the rear. Knowing that the truck you saw didn't have dual wheels is a good reason contributing to maybe why it isn't a 2 ton truck. I guess it is just a 1 ton truck, but I don't know all the information on the history of the 1 ton/dually Toyota pickups and may be wrong.
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      I think it's a fake. In '79-'83, Toyota only had the standard 1/2 ton, and a 3/4 ton here in the USA at least. In '84 they made a 1-ton. Any Toyota heavier than that was branded HINO, and was a cabover chassis. Besides that, you say it had standard tires and wheels... If it was real, the back tires would have to accept 2500 pounds each to cover the weight of the truck with 4000 pounds of cargo. I bet somebody built that at home... I get people scratching their heads when they see the decals I had made up for my Tacoma; "TRD Diesel Power" thinking they actually sold those here. It copies the font from the factory TRD package decals.

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