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83 4X4 22r to 82 diesel

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  • 83 4X4 22r to 82 diesel

    I have an 83 4x4 22r pickup and i have aquired a 82 2wd diesel pickup that has a bad transmission. I have ridden in the pickup many years and the transmission just gave out. THe diesel is still cooking and I love it. My 22r is out in my 4X4 and I want to put the diesel in it. I want to swap cab for cab and 22r for diesel in my 4X4.
    I want to know about the bellhousing epidemic and my options and what I can and cant do with what I have got. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is my first diesel.
    I know the diesel is not that powerful but it does great in the swamps of georgia.

    is the bellhousing removable in this diesel transmission and will it fit my 83 22r transmission?

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    Trying to do the same thing with a 1982 toyota diesel and a 1986 4x4..
    So far oil pan on diesel will not work in the 86 Have orded one from toyota suppose to be here this week then we'll see... As for bellhousing and transmission ,,I don't know I'll cross thar bridge after I get the oil pan and get the diesel running in the 86 4x4,,,
    good Luck with converision


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      Your 83 4by, if it has the stock tranny, has an L52 5spd which I believe has a fixed bellhousing, but I could be wrong. Unless you order an L52HD from Marlin Crawler you'll undoubtedly break it behind the diesel. You need to source out a complete tranny or bellhousing from a newer 4by diesel with a w56 tranny and use one of those, that should have enough strength to hold up.


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        You transmission is either an L52, an L45, or an L50. It has a non-removable bellhousing. If you can figure out how to get it to work, let me know, lol. Otherwise you need to acquire a W56 or G52 transmission with a removable bellhousing. Then you need to find a diesel bellhousing from a W56 and replace it. Or, if you are comfortable welding aluminum you can cut the starter area off one side and weld it to the other which is the direction that I am leaning.


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          Soooo, found anything out yet??