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Fuel Pump, Injection Pump same thing? 85 Truck

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  • Fuel Pump, Injection Pump same thing? 85 Truck

    Hi I have an 85 Toyota Diesel Truck that ran once and not the next . I've put a new fuel filter and have also checked fuel solinoid at filter location to make sure it was working properly. Glow plugs all check out good. I my question is about the injection pump is this also the fuel pump? I've topped my filter off with fuel and brought fuel all the way up to filter. On gas engine you crank until fuel comes out of line then plug into carb. But on the diesel when cranking no fuels comes out of line after filter? Could some one please shed some light on the situation would greatly appreciate. Thanks Dan

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    Are there any cracks in the hose before the fuel filter assembly? What you should do is disconnect the fuel hose that runs from the fuel filter to the injection pump. Keep the one end of the hose on the injection pump, but disconnect the other end from the fuel filter. Now pump the fuel filter button a few times to see if fuel is coming from the tank to the filter assembly and out of the hole where you disconnected the fuel hose. If no fuel is coming up after many pumps on that fuel filter, then there is your problem. Some people refer to a diesel injection pump as a fuel pump also, but I don't hear it mentioned that way much. Is your 85 Toyota a 2L or 2L-T engine and is it 2WD or 4WD? Currently, I'm looking for an 84-85 Toyota diesel pickup cab to drop on my 87 Toyota frame. It has the 22-RE gas engine, but I am a diesel gearhead and want to change it over to diesel.
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      Thanks for your reply to my question. All my hose are good and the primer is working. But its like I can't get the injection pump to prime. I have all my injector nozzles loose and no fuel coming out. What do I need to do to get pump suck up fuel. Its has to be air in the lines but how do you remove or is there another fuel solinoid on pump itself? Thanks Dan


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        There is a Fuel Cut Solenoid on the pump.This is at rear/top of pump and you should be able to hear/feel it operate when you get someone to switch ignition on/off.

        Another way to bleed that has worked for me is have someone crank engine while you pump the primer on top of filter.This will work as long as the solenoid is ok and allowing the fuel to reach the injectors.

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          Hey :thumbs: guys got my truck going again. Thanks for all your help was greatly appreciated!