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Replacing 2L engine with a 1KZ-T

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  • Replacing 2L engine with a 1KZ-T

    I have to do an engine change very very shortly cos my 2L engine is on its last legs. My vehicle is LJ70..bundera.

    I have had my eyes on a 1KZ-T engine for some time. I would like to know if its possible to fit the 1KZ-T engine from a Hilux Surf into my bundy. The engine mountings have to be changed I know. The current gearbox I have is R151, which I would want to utilise on the 1KZ-T.

    I understand there are major problems mating the Surf 1KZ-T to the bundy gearbox. Is this correct? If so would there be a way to overcome this problem?

    Why 1KZ-T from a Hilux Surf you ask? Well its half the price of a landcruiser one thats why!!

    Appreciate your reply(s) and comment(s). :thanks:

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    Diesel1959, a member on this site, would probably be a good source of info for you. He has 4 landcruisers, several of which are diesel powered. One has the 1kz-te in it already, another is about to get a 1kz-te transplant. I know he is in the process of figuring out the tranny situation right now.
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      thanks, I'll pm him.


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        If your Bundera has a R151F, the 1KZ-T and 1KZ-TE both have bellhousings that fit this gearbox. The input shaft should be 160 mm long.

        Another post on this forum indicates that the 1KZ-TE will fit 22R-E motor mounts in a Hiluz with a 1/2 spacer plate on the passenger's mount to make the engine sit level.

        I know that a 2L, 3L, and 5L will bolt up to 22R-E mounts. So hopefully you shouldn't have a problem with motor mounts or the gearbox to bellhousing.

        See: 1KZ-TE fits in '90-'95 4-Runner? in the conversions section of the forum.


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          The KZ-T have org a F150R gearbox.You have to have the bellhousings from the KZ-T. If you import a 1993-1996 diesel 4runner from europe all got KZ-T engin and only F151R gearbox. You have to switchT he wire and harness from the Europeean 4Runner to an American 4Runner.

          All europeen car are LHD eksept UK cars:thumbs:

          The engine support plate is 55mm forward on the 2L, so you have to remov it 55mm back.

          Se link for engin swamp 2L-TE-KZ-TE

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