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  • Timing Belt Light Reset...

    I was told from our local wreckers, to remove the instrument cluster for a 1994 Toyota Hiace Super Custom, 1KZ TE, to reset (i.e.turn off) the t-belt warning light with switches at the back of the cluster. I have just changed the belt, and cannot find any reset button or plug on or near the outside of the instrument cluster. Anyone know how to easily and quickly remove the dash and/or instrument cluster? Thanks...

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    On mine there is a little rubber plug just below the odometer. Remove the plug and using a thin item (like the ink tube on a bic pen) press the little button on the dash.


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      Re: Timing Belt Light Reset...

      Thanks Dan,
      I always wondered how to reset that thing, mine just turned on and your answer to that guy's post saved my insanity:)
      I love this 2lt.
      Thanks for the help in my build everyone.
      2LT intercooled, dual fan w mechanical fan, 3 inch exhaust from turbo out, no muffler, 89 4runner, Sas'd and kept low, dual t-cases and 5:29 gears, longfields, cable locked & more etc.