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92 Hilux 3L Injector pump rebuild?

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  • 92 Hilux 3L Injector pump rebuild?

    Hi all, just found this site, and I'm stoked to have a north american forum to find info.

    I've had a 92 3L Lux for 20 months now, no issues till I found some fuel leaking all over the front end. Took it into Ateb, they found the Fuel pump was leaking. is $1100 for a rebuild about right? I figure because it's a high pressure diesel pump, and the importing of the rebuild kit will bring up costs.

    anyways here are a few pics of my rig

    I've also been thinking of a few upgrades, a turbo kit is high on my list but I have been thinking of exhaust for now, will a free flow work as well on a non turbo? or should go all the way and do turbo and exhaust at the same time.

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    Nice rig too!

    Injector pumps are not cheap and that price is about right I guess. Whenever I need parts I always contact Castle Hill Toyota in Australia. Their website has a parts inquiry request area and they answer very quickly. If you contact them at night it is their morning.

    I would get a quote om a new one from them before anything though or even the parts for the rebuild. They are great to deal with and dont rape you either.

    Good luck!
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      price sounds ok for a rebuild including removing it from the engine. but keep in mind all they are going to do is remove the pump and send it out. I would recommend getting a book and some tools and remove the pump yourself(to save money) and take it to NW fuel in port kells(right next to finning caterpillar.) they are a very reputable fully equipped fuel pump repair shop, they will do the job right and their prices are fair for such a specialty trade. Any fuel pump shop should have the rebuild parts, as these are a pretty common design of pump(bosch rotary.) These pumps are very complex pieces, which is why they are so expensive to rebuild. NW fuel also know what a 2L-t is, and have actually seen quite a few toyota diesels. about the only repairs possible on a pump you can do yourself is fix leaking seals which you can get from toyota if you feel so inclined.. or if you want to get the whole thing rebuilt go for it, depends how much money you want to spend and your own abilities.
      can you see where the fuel is coming from? from the timing cover area? the side or top?
      leaky fuel pumps are common on these engines. I have had a mine leak 2 times and I just got the seal from toyota and replaced it. cost a whole $5 and some time.
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        IF you can turn a wrench there are a few seals that can be replaced yourself with relative ease. I just replaced 2 leakers in the top cover of my pump (2LTE) and it took no more than 2 hours with the pump in place. Clean the pump, and surrounding area get in there with good light and mirror and start looking for the leak(s). The Aussie site has all the info you need for the simple seal replacements. Beyond that, pull the pump, take it in to a pump shop as already suggested. save yourself some cash that way. Or shop your a$$ off on, ebay, various forum classifieds, craigslist etc. and buy a new one.
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          Oh, and I am insanely jealous of your truck. Curse the US DOT/EPA/Customs!
          93 4Runner RHD 2LTE Auto limited slip rear with 4.56 gears/ 82 HJ47 sold