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    Default 3B into Toyota Pickup

    Hello folks

    I am new to this site. I joined up because I have a 1983 Land Cruiser with the 3B motor. Body is bad and motor is good.
    Has anyone installed a 3b into a pickup? I have a 1985 4 cylinder, 1988 4 cylinder and a 1992 V6 automatic transmission and a 1986 4 cylinder 4 runner automatic. All my vehicles are 4X4 models and I run agressive 10.5X31 tires. There is a 3 hour run to get my trucks to where they have to work offroad. Most running is on logging roads and some old bush trails. I put approx 6-10 thousand miles in an offroad situationevery year. I am not a speed demond but would like to cruise at the speed limit when on small highways. I seldom hit interstates so I do not need speed and power to keep up with traffic on these highways. I could come up with almost any transmission or gearing option best suited for this motor.
    Any info would help. Thanks JIM

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    I don't know for sure, but i know the bj-70 landcruser's had both 3b and 2l-t motors so, maybe it might be a direct bolt, because the 2l-t is more or less a direct bolt no fabrication modification. I would try to find what trans they mated the 3b on. If the trans is a w then it is a possibility.

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    On ih8mud.com there's a thread from someone who put a 3B into a 4-Runner and it has been burning through transmissions.

    The 3B originally shipped with H series trannies AFAIK. H41, H42 are 4 speeds, H55 is 5 speed. The H series are pretty heavy-duty next to the truck trannies.

    If I had a 3B/H55f sitting around, I'd be looking more for a FJ-40 to put it into, but I'm sure it *could* be done into a pickup. Seems like it'd work just fine in a pickup, and last a long time, but it also seems like overkill.

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    Default Land Cruiser 3B motor into pickup

    Thanks to everyone
    I need to get a larger motor than the :L: 2.4 into a pickup body.
    I am a black bear hunting outfitter and work in the wilderness a lot. I need a vehicle to haul heavy loads.tow a light trailer and be able to cover more than 600 miles in 2-3 days making more than 150 stop and be good on fuel.
    Gas is getting hard to find in the north country,there is lots of gas stations near town but not where I am. Diesel is always availlable in remote areas.
    I have a couple of the 22RE and one 22R motors which do a great job and have been reliable so far but I am a diesel fan. ( I collect farm tractors and have more than 50 at present).
    The Land Cruise I have has offset differential pots and that means the drive shaft does not go down the centre. Trying to fit that "H" transmission into the pickup is not going to be easy. Unless there is a way to get an output at the end of the transmission instead of off the transfer case. Land cruiser has both front and rear driveshafts exiting the transfer case. Ther is a steel plate bolted to the end of the transmission does anyone know if you can get a shaft to exit this location?
    Well thanks for now
    I hope to have this conversion working for August

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearbuster View Post
    Ther is a steel plate bolted to the end of the transmission does anyone know if you can get a shaft to exit this location?
    you probably could but then you would have no low range for the rear axle.
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    Sounds like you need a Unimog or one of those Volvos with portal axles.

    That or an HZJ75 (mine truck?)

    So, why do we call it a "Diesel" when he didn't invent it?



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